How Cardiff hotels are dealing with the pandemic

It’s been a crazy 12 months or so and we’ve seen things that I think most of could would never have imagined. Going back to the start of last year I thoroughly enjoyed myself in a great Cardiff hotel for my birthday and was super excited to book again for some more time away.

That of course didn’t happen and before I knew it the Covid-19 pandemic was upon us and we were all told to stay at home. To say I was sad and dissapointed would have to a pretty big understatement, particularly as someone who thoroughly enjoyes visiting and trying out different hotels all across this beautiful city. Knowing that all of these plans were going to be put on hold without any real idea of when things would be back to normal was very frustrating.

Covid-19 Cardiff hotels closed

As is the case with just about the entire hospitality sector right across the UK, hotels in Cardiff were of course no different. The government imposed various rules and restrictions spanning several months which in the end or at least certainly is the case right now, it’s brought the industry to its knees.

You’d be surprised at how many people just enjoy visiting different hotels and with Cardiff so many great options I feel that a lot of people will have been very disappointed with how this has all played out. Hotels and apartments right across Cardiff are still closed and have been for many months. I did hear some rumours about a handful of Cardiff hotels being opened up and used to help less fortunate people but other than that the rooms have for the most part remained empty and unused.

Of course nobody knew that this was going to happen and nobody could have predicted that the simple pleasure of staying in a local hotel would be near enough impossible. To help get things back up and running the small good news to come out of this is that we could start to see some good deals which means cheap Cardiff hotel rooms.

Looking to the future we’re very excited about news of many Cardiff hotels starting to open back up and with a bit of luck it shouldn’t be too long before we’re back in those rooms!

Keep safe everyone!