Old Hotels in Cardiff: A room with history

If you’ve visited before and have taken the time to explore the city you’re sure to understand how beautiful and vibrant Cardiff is. With its busy streets, fantastic shopping opportunities and plenty of open spaces to relax I’m sure you’ll agree that Cardiff is a fantastic city with a lot to offer.

Welcome to Cardiff Hotels

Cardiff has been on the map for a very long time and unlike many other UK cities it’s full of a great mixture of both old and new. This includes everything from some of the UKs oldest shops, city buildings, attractions, monuments and more. With such a diverse and varied background this means that there’s a strong history of old Cardiff hotels dating many centuries.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Cardiff then choosing one of Cardiff older and more historical hotels is certainly worth considering. They just don’t make them like they used to and Cardiff has a lot to offer when it comes to historical and old hotels.

With incredible buildings with unique hand crafted architecture there are plenty of old Cardiff hotels and even converted apartments which are just waiting to be explored. No matter what you’re interested in and what types of hotels you’re used to staying at we highly recommend checking out some of Cardiffs oldest hotels.