Public transport in & around Cardiff City

Transportation in Cardiff is not that complex. The main and most used source of transportation in Cardiff are the buses. This article will discuss the travel options used in Cardiff to get around the city.

Cardiff, like most of the British cities, has discontinued the use of a tram or a trolleybus system. This system stayed till the 20th century but as of now, Cardiff has put their attention on upgrading their bus systems. In addition to their bus system, another famous source of transportation in Cardiff are the train stations which include most parts of London and Scotland.

It also consists of a few local train services although they can be looked at as a form of public transportation. An example would be the Arriva train wales which are serving about 20 small stations throughout the city including the Cardiff center.

All of these options will make it easy to get yourself into the city so that you can easily travel to your chosen Cardiff hotel. Once you’re at your hotel getting around the city is also very easy.

Buses in Cardiff

The public transportation of Cardiff mostly consists of numerous dozens of bus lines, these bus lines form a connection through bus stops throughout the city center including the suburbs of the city. These are very well-organized systems. Lines 1 and 2 are circles through the city center. Buses can go over them in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. In addition to this, multiple express lines link the important parts between Cardiff and the suburbs.

The airport is linked with the city via line T9. Although, this line doesn’t operate the usual way. It has its form of fare system different from the rest. the rest of the bus lines are very easy to comprehend. All of them share the same fare system. The plus side to these buses is that it does not cost a lot as well. A ticket is just 1.80 GBP (ap. 2 euro/ US dollar), and on-peak hours the ticket can increase to 3.60 GBP (ap. 4 euro/ US dollar)

Taxis in Cardiff

A very famous substitute for buses is taxis in Cardiff. Although, one drawback is that they are much more expensive than a traditional bus ticket. Hence, you ought to book a taxi only in dire need. Usually, the taxis in Cardiff are high quality, secure and efficient. The average fare for a taxi usually costs around 2.50 GBP. Every additional kilometer is charged an extra 1.50 GBP.

Trains in Cardiff

The trains in Cardiff are highly efficient and quick and they make traveling much more comfortable and easier. A usual schedule for a train ride would be to hop on the train to your destination and upon arrival catch a shuttle bus service to reach your final destination.

The most famous and most used station, the Cardiff central station is not far away from the Cardiff city center. It is just a mere five-minute walk.

On the off chance that you brought a car with you, you can park it anywhere in the massive car park which has 402 parking spaces.

And If you are on a bike, then no need to worry since there is plenty of space to park them as well. The car park has 90 available parking spaces which are all secured by CCTVs.