Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Cardiff

It is no doubt that the Welsh are some of the most hospitable people with great humor and charm. You are guaranteed a warm welcome everywhere you go. Every part of the country, especially Cardiff, has a very uplifting and happy ambiance. You will always find the pubs and the bars packed with people cheering, singing, or watching a rugby game. It is such an amazing environment that you are bound to have a great time and with this selection of luxury Cardiff hotels I’m sure there’s something here for everyone.

No matter what the reason is for your visit to Cardiff, you will be greeted with the warmest welcome. Cardiff has some of the most luxurious and impeccable hotels. Though it might be a little over the budget for some, the amazing buildings, comfortable rooms, numerous activities, and hospital service will make it worth spending a bit more. With that being said you may be quite surprised at the level of luxury Cardiff hotels are available without actually spending all that much. If you’re on a tighter budget perhaps our selection of cheap Cardiff hotels is worth checking out.

The following is a list of the five most luxurious options!

New House Country Hotel Cardiff

The New House Country Hotel Cardiff is located in the most beautiful part of Cardiff. In its vicinity are hills covered with lush green trees. A few miles away is a wonderful bucolic retreat where you can indulge yourself in a nice stroll down Cardiff center.

It has a very unique Georgian style to it. A bath-stone building and double bay windows give it a very historical and vintage look. On the front of the house, you will find a spacious terrace floored with white gravel and a beautiful three-tiered fountain. The interior is furnished with traditional country pieces. Panelled windows and a cosy fireplace tie it all together.

The hotel has 37 rooms and all with slight variations in them depending upon the size of the manor. It has the comfiest beds with shortbread, a kettle, and tv to make the ambiance even warmer. It also comes with free WiFi to pamper you even more. The views outside this hotel are breath-taking and will make your stay ten times better.

Hotel Indigo Cardiff

Hotel Indigo is the perfect place if you want to find your perfect place on Cardiff’s Queen Street for easy access to all of the city’s amazing places.

This luxury Cardiff hotel itself will impress you, with its bright and vivid walls and street art capturing the history of Cardiff. The rooms carry the same ambiance. Each room has a different concept. The theme combines music and tradition, with the walls embellished with musical icons from Wales, drums, and spotlights. With the decorative tweed cushions, antique cushions, and wood furniture, everything is in perfect harmony to bring the industrial Welsh culture to life.

The magnificent view out your window also adds to the prestige of the rooms. The cozy beds will put you to sleep in no time. It is the attention to detail that makes each room unique and special.

Cardiff Hilton

A top-notch building in Cardiff, the Hilton is located in a stunning building with white features that add a touch of traditional designs. This luxury Cardiff hotel faces Cardiff Castle which in itself is a sight to be seen. The rooms are cozy and pleasant. It is located in the heart of Cardiff, just a few minutes from the amazing Queen Street.

The Cardiff Hilton is the largest hotel in the entire city. It is the first choice for every business traveller because of its perfect location with easy access to all the shops and centres.

On top of that, the hotel has one of the nicest and caring teams of chauffeurs, bell boys, and waiters. The service is impeccable. With them, you will be left in good hands and be at your doorstep to serve you any time of the day.

Additionally, the hotel comprises all the recreational facilities that one might need. It includes a gym for its guests, a spa to wind off and relax, a restaurant with amazing food and environment, and a bar for you to enjoy and have a great time.

Clayton Hotel Cardiff

If you are someone who is looking for a hotel that will give you easy access to all the luxurious shopping malls and stadiums then look no further as we have found the perfect fit for you, The Clayton Hotel. Located in the middle of Cardiff with just a few minutes’ walk away from the train station, the Principality stadium and all the highlights of Cardiff.

Despite all the hustle and bustle, this luxuious Cardiff hotel wishes to make your experience calm and comfortable with the relaxing ambiance that they have set up for their customers.

The rooms are luxurious and offer the highest level of comfort, as well as an outstanding view of the city from its windows. The hotel boasts about the afternoon tea that they hold where everyone comes in to enjoy a relaxing and delightful cup of tea, delivering proper lush vibes.

Park Inn Radisson Cardiff City Centre

The Park Inn Radisson Cardiff City Centre has everything that a person can dream of. The eye-stopping views from the terrace are just enough to put you in a calm, laid-back mood and take in the great ambiance. It caters to you with every type of service, even for weddings.

For recreational activities, Park Inn Radisson Cardiff City Centre gives you the perfect place to rest, with a TV located in the common room and gym passes. The hotel makes sure that you are provided with all the services.

Moreover, the restaurant has some of the best food options that will satisfy your appetite. Even if you don’t feel like going out then they can provide you with room service. You can enjoy your meal in your comfortable bed.

Park Inn Radisson has 146 guestrooms each designed and furnished to the fullest. Enjoy free WiFi while you relax and watch TV in your cozy bed. Additional amenities include private bathrooms with hair dryers and toiletries. On top of all these things, you will also have your very own housekeeper to assist you daily.